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What is Vrbo?
Today, there are many websites that offer alternatives to traditional hotels, for those of us who are on a bit of a budget. It has now become more common for homeowners to list their own properties on websites. To rent those properties for a short period of time (such as a vacation) to a network of people. One of the most popular services/websites for this is HomeAway.com (now Vrbo).

But what is it exactly, and how does it work? Vrbo is an international residency booking service that allows users to list their own properties, or to book a stay at a listed property. The properties traditionally have greater appeal than a hotel because of location or available amenities and are often cheaper than a hotel or a resort.

How Does Vrbo Work?
Vrbo is a website that has listings for over one million homes in over 190 countries. As a user, you can visit the website and start browsing through available listings. Owners list their properties on Vrbo and users and book stays at the locations. The website can be used as often as you want and is free to use. Users pay fees based on the property owners’ desired earnings for the time stayed at their property. (Which is pre-determined before the stay is booked). All amenities, appliances, stipulations, and additional fees are outlined prior to booking. The Vrbo website also includes millions of reviews, so you can make an educated decision about where to stay.

Benefits of Vrbo for Owners
Better Suited to Vacation Rentals – Vrbo stood for vacation rental by owner and existed long before Airbnb. Vrbo was engineered for vacation rentals before short-term accommodations. If you’re more of a traditional vacation rental owner, you’ll like Vrbo’s features. ✓ Detailed Listings – Vrbo provides gorgeous and complete listings to any possible renters. The intuitive layout lets you upload pictures, write descriptions, and provide more information than other listing services. ✓ Bonus Features – Vrbo provides several additional services to renters and owners compared to Airbnb like individual damage protection plans, travel tips, and remote vacation rental management tools.